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What is Lorcet?

Lorcet is a prescription medicine used to treat moderate to severe pain symptoms. You can take it alone or with other drugs. People usually buy Lorcer online to get heavy discounts on their purchases. We offer you 100% quality medicines and give overnight delivery. Lorcet contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen, which belong to the narcotic analgesic class. It is an opioid medicine that may be habit-forming. So take it under the prescription-only, but you can order Lorcet online from us without prescription. 

How does Lorcet works?

This combination drug contains two active components hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is opioid pain medicine, and acetaminophen helps to reduce fever due to pain. They work in patients’ brains to see how their body reacts or responds to pain.


Special Risk Patients As with any other narcotic analgesic agent, you should take Lorcet with caution. Especially elderly or debilitated patients or those with severe renal function, hypothyroidism, Addison’s Addison’s disease, or urethral stricture. These people should be appropriately observed and aware of the possibility of respiratory depression. Cough reflex Hydrocodone could suppress the cough reflex like other narcotics. So take proper caution while taking lorcet, especially for the patients with pulmonary disease. Caregivers and patients Do not take Lorcet if you are allergic to any components of this drug.

If you develop any allergies, consult your healthcare provider immediately. It is an addictive drug, so do not take it in large amounts and more prolonged than prescribed. Your doctor will gradually increase your amount after observing your progress on treatment. Avoid doing hazardous activities like driving while taking a lorcet. It may impair your thinking or reaction and leads to severe injuries and accidents. Do not consume alcohol while taking Lorcet; fatal side effects could occur.

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How should I take Lorcet?

It will be best if you take Lorcet precisely as prescribed for you. Avoid taking it in a more considerable amount or long-duration; it may increase the risk of an overdose of medication. Talk to your doctor if you feel to increase the amount. If you are going for any surgery, talk to your doctor taking Lorcet. Never suddenly stop taking this medicine; it could result in unwanted fatal withdrawal symptoms. If you do not have enough doses to continue your treatment, you can order a Lorcet online from us for overnight delivery.

Dosage of Lorcet

Lorcet dosage varies according to the effectiveness and health condition of the patients. Your doctor may start the treatment with the lowest dose and gradually increase according to medication response. Oral tablets Usual Adult Dose for pain Lorcet 5 mg- 325 mg per tablet

  • Initial dose: one to 2 tablets after every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain
  • Maximum amount: 8 tablets after every 24 hours

Lorcet 7.5 mg – 10 mg

  • Initial dose: 1 tablet after every 4 to 6 hours
  • Maximum dose: 6 tablets/24 hours

Oral solution Lorcet 7.5 mg per 15 ml

  • Initial dose: 15 ml after every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain
  • Maximum dose: 90 ml/ 24 ml

Lorcet 10 mg per 15 ml

  • Initial dose: 11.25 ml after every 4 to 6 hours
  • Maximum dose: 67.5 ml/ 24 hours

Usual pediatric dose for pain Two years or older and weight less than 46 kg

  • Initial dose: 0.135 mg/kg hydrocodone and acetaminophen 4 to 5.85 mg/kg after 4 to 6 hours.
  • Maximum dose: 6 doses in 24 hours.

Lorcet 7.5 mg per 15 ml

  • Initial dose: 15 ml after every 4 to 6 hours or as needed for pain
  • Maximum dose: 6 doses per day do not exceed above 90 ml in 24 hours

Lorcet 10 mg per 15 ml

  • Initial dose: 11.25 ml after every 4 to 6 hours
  • Maximum dose: 6 doses per day no exceed 6.75 ml/24 hours.

What are the side effects of Lorcet?

Talk to your pharmacist immediately when you notice any allergic reaction from Lorcet, like breathing problems or hives. Opioid drugs can slow your breathing, so the person caring for you should give you naloxone or seek emergency help. Call emergency help if you notice

  • Noisy breathing
  • Lightheaded feeling
  • A liver problem like nausea, loss of appetite, or vomiting
  • Low cortisol levels- dizziness, excessive weakness, or tiredness

Serious breathing problems could occur in elderly or debilitated people

Some common side effects may include

  • Nausea, stomach pain, vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness or tiredness
  • Headache

You may experience some other side effects too. Consult your doctor immediately if you notice any unwanted side effects. You can purchase Lorcet online; we give you 100% assurance on the medicine’s safety.

Lorcet vs. Lortab

Lortab and Lorcet are opioid analgesics and antitussives (cough suppressants). They are non-narcotic pain relievers used to treat moderate to severe pain.